Paw Wash

A relaxing foot soak in Promaline Iodine that flushes out irritating allergens. This reduces licking and chewing of the paws which is often caused by chemicals, allergens, dust mites, and other environmental substances picked up on their paw pads.

Blueberry Facial

Your Fur-Friend will have a brighter face and smell AMAZING after being pampered with South Bark’s 3 in 1 Blueberry Facial Scrub.

Mystic Sea Mud Bath and Massage

Our aromatic coat mask enriched with Argon and Jojoba oils with nourish coat roots as we massage it into their skin. It decreases dandruff, heavy hair loss, and increases natural shine.

Fur Buster, Scrub, Wash, and Blowout

Say goodbye to shedding! With our special fur buster brush which collects loose hair while it cleanses and massages all the way to the skin and our heavy-duty blow dryer, your Fur-Friend will go home sleek and shiny.


Your Fur-Friend will have their nails trimmed and shaped with our dremel tool in a relaxed setting ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience.

Their tails will be wagging and they will be bragging after a day of spa pampering at The Uptown Hound.