Tail Wagging Activities – À la carte

Fun. Adventure.Country Retreat

The Uptown Hound is located on 50 spacious acres of paradise! Your fur baby will enjoy a variety of fun activities.
Hound Lake

Swimming at Hound Lake is a blast and provides very good exercise for our furry friends. This activity includes retrieving the ball and Frisbee’s and last for 45 minutes. 

Prairie Dog Trails

An adventurous walk around to explorer the fifty acres surrounding The Uptown Hound. Our Guests will enjoy all that nature has to offer while hiking on the trails located right here on the property. Afterwards, they will stop by Hound Lake to take a sip or enjoy a dip.   

Yappy Hour

1-hour session of playing ball on Rover Field, and a tasty cone of Bosco & Roxy’s Organic Ice Cream!   

Organic Ice Cream

Give your dog a cone! 3 billion probiotic cultures, just 40 calories per cup. Served in Real Pumpkin, & Bacon with Peanut butter. 

Canine Concierge Service 

Our Specialized Canine Concierge service directly connects you with an assigned Canine Care Specialist providing text msg & Facebook updates. In addition, your fur-baby will enjoy one-on-one time with our Canine Care Specialist, private playtime and private walks! 

Milk & Cookies

Gourmet seasonal cookies served with 4oz. of Primal Goat’s Milk, Primal is considered universal milk as it contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes protein and fatty acids. Its great tasting and the dogs love it! The cookie is cute too! 

Paw Ball

Interactive game we like to play with a treat stuffed ball! Your dog will love using their intellect and energy to unlock the tasty treats!

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