The Adventure

Adventure awaits! This package includes fun activities at The Uptown Hound Playground, 6 oz. bag of Fromm Cheese Treats to enjoy during snuggles and snacks (9PM), Daily hiking back to Prairie Dog Trails. The Adventure Package also provides interactive treat toys (DOGO) to play with stimulating brain activity and engagement with other dogs.

$55 per day

The Paw Inclusive

Includes daily trips to Hound Lake, all day play at The Uptown Hound Playground, Hiking on Prairie Dog Trails, access to splashing and wading in our puppy pools, Yappy Hour, which includes 45 minutes of ball play and served with our signature Peanut Butter Bacon ice cream. Guests will also enjoy a cheese recipe bedtime treat during snuggles and snacks while they rest and relax to the sound of mood setting music through our Pandora channels during Turn Down Service

$62 per day

The Playground

All day play at The Uptown Hound Playground with access to our puppy pools, pup-sicles along with snuggles and snacks at bedtime (9PM).

$49 per day

Each Suite offers both luxury and security–fully enclosed and featuring a private door and large windows for expansive views of the of the resort property. Snuggles and Snacks are included in all 3 packages. Each night, starting at 9 pm, all guests at the resort will visit the playground to potty before bed, their suites will be freshened, water bowls refreshed with paw shaped ice cubes and a gourmet treat placed on their bed for night time enjoyment.

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