Doggie Day Camp

Fun. Adventure.Country Retreat

Dogs socialize at The Uptown Hound
The Uptown Hound is a great option for people who are looking to keep their dog active, stimulated, socialized with friends, or maybe just out of trouble while they’re at work or just away for the day.
Peace of Mind

Our Resort- Doggie Day-Camp has many sophisticated safety and wellness systems to ensure healthy dogs and peace of mind- including fully fenced yards, air filtration, advanced security systems as well as Paw-gress reports for parents. Socializing and spoiling them while you are away is our specialty! Doggie Day-Camp is a great way to build your fur-baby’s social skills in a safe and controlled environment. Our staff believes that choosing the right Day -Camp for your furry family member starts with proper education and communication between both of us.

• The Uptown Hound Pack Mates are extensively trained in dog behavior, Pet First Aid and CPR Certification
• Each Dog is required to pass a socialization interview and must be current on all required vaccinations.

With options and flexibility in mind, we offer an array of choices to help with your needs when considering a day-camp program. We provide choices such as:

  • Monthly Billing
  • Hound Packages that are paid in advance (discounts apply)
  • Daily Transportation to and from home.

What can I expect from Day-camp at The Uptown Hound – Find Out!

  • Dogs play with others in like size and temperament
  • Proper socialization
  • Basic Training of Acceptable Dog Behaviors
  • A great way for dogs to release energy in a constructive and positive way
  • Healthy Pet Program for Peace of mind
  • Caring and safe environment
  • Continuing education for staff member
  • We will do everything we can to ensure your dog is happy and healthy while enjoying activities and making new fur-friends at The Uptown Hound

New Customer? It’s time to join the Pack! See for yourself why pups (and their parents!) love The Uptown Hound in Cleveland, TN.