Doggie Day- Camp! Really? WHY?

//Doggie Day- Camp! Really? WHY?

Doggie Day- Camp! Really? WHY?

Doggie Day care can help! Barking, Chewing, Howling, Destructive Behavior, Potty Accidents, Sleepless Nights! SOUND FAMILIAR? Dogs by nature are highly social animals. When a dog is isolated for long periods of time, their mental health can suffer due to increased stress levels. This can result in many behavior problems; including barking, whining, howling, and or destruction as well as boredom and depression.Feeling neglected can also lead to a dog losing trust in their owner, or them lashing out!

Doggie Day Care is probably one of the most important gifts you can give your dog~ and yourself! Regular play with other dogs builds good socialization skills and eliminated the owner-absent behavior problems; resulting in a calmer more confident dog that is unlikely to bark, bite or become fearful aggressive. In most cases, dogs who attend doggie day camp regularly are transformed into healthier, calmer and more easily controlled pets.


Our Day Camp offers endless opportunities for dogs to play with friends that are of the same size and temperament as well as helping to ease the parents minds about safety, scheduling, activities, nutrition, and behavior, we also offer transportation services. The benefits of our program are endless! It is our number one goal to eliminate owner-absent behavior problems, help to build your fur-babies confidence, instruct in the development of excellent social skills, maintain and promote good physical and mental health.

TOP 5 Reasons to enroll in our program:

  1. Exercise and Socialization
  2. Human Contact
  3. Expert- Supervised Playtime
  4. Relief of boredom & guilt for you
  5. A good solutions for busy owners.

Our staff is dedicated to the happiness and over all health of your loved one. Continuing education is a top priority of ours! All staff members become certified in Pet Safety and CPR, a certification given by PET TECH inc, We value and appreciate the opportunity to care for our four-legged friends and deem it necessary to continue to grow to learn what is best and safe for our furry friends, whether it involves daycare, boarding, grooming, transportation etc. We want to know how to better care for them all big, little, short or small!

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