Prairie Dog Trails

This is a adventurous walk around to explorer the fifty acres surrounding The Uptown Hound. Our Guests will enjoy all that nature has to offer while hiking on the trails located right here on the property. Afterwards, they will stop by Hound Lake to take a sip or enjoy a dip. $7.00

Hound Lake

Hidden in the cove surrounding Prairie Dog Trails is our famous Hound Lake. Your pooch will have the best time while they splish and splash with their friends providing them with great exercise and a moment they will always remember as being “pawsome.” $7.00


Special order your pooch to enjoy one of our Pumpkin Lattes made with Real Pumpkin and Primal Goats Milk; not a latte fan, that’s ok, Ice Cream Ice Cream all dogs scream for ice cream! Purchase a bone of our signature Organic Vanilla Ice Cream your pooch will lick you for it!

Doggy Delights

Purchase any of the following for your pooch to enjoy during quite time; they’ll love you for it!

-Plain Pig Ears
-Smoked Pig Ears
-Bully Sticks
-Rabbit, Deer or Duck Chews; 3 feet long! breaks into small pieces

Milk and Cookies:

Make their visit a little sweeter by letting our staff serve them one of our gourmet iced cookies, this delicious treat also comes with a warm cup of our Primal Goat’s Milk.


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