FAMILY: Furry Animals Make Incredible Loving Youthful Companions.

Loving and caring for dogs, it’s just what we do! The Uptown Hound Pack Mates take great pride in providing outstanding, exceptional care for your family member while you are away. Being a family owned business, The Uptown Hound takes big strides to build relationships not only with the dogs who come, sit and stay with us, but with you, their loving Guardian as well.

The Uptown Hound started caring for and building these relationships in 2007. From love pats on the head, to treats on their bed our Pack Mates work hard daily to ensure the happiness and well being of all of our four-legged family members.

With fifty spacious acres to run, jump, swim and fetch your loved one will enjoy all the amenities The Uptown Hound has to offer. Hiking on Prairie Dog Trails, playing ball on Rover Field, or Swimming at Hound Lake are just a few of the recreational activities they are sure to enjoy! After a day of fun, your loved one will Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate in our 2,600 square foot facility. Here, their needs will be met by providing central heating and air, Classical Music, Dream Pipe Bedding, and extra time for snuggling, snacking and a show on Animal Planet.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to check on your special loved one. You may also enjoy face to face “bark time” with them via our chat room. Our Pack Mates look forward to making you and yours a part of our furry family soon.