5 Thanksgiving Foods That Your Pets Can Have

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5 Thanksgiving Foods That Your Pets Can Have

Once Thanksgiving dinner has been served and we embark upon the process of stuffing our faces with all of the foodstuffs that we enjoy most, our pets are bound to want to join in. While it may seem cute to feed them your table scraps and those little begging faces might be tough to ignore, you can do serious harm to your furry friends by giving them the remainder of your meal.

If you’d like to find out more about the Thanksgiving foods that your pets can actually have, be sure to read on and learn more about the five Thanksgiving foods that they can safely consume. After all, the last thing any responsible pet owner wants is to spend their holiday at the animal hospital.


Believe it or not, the main staple of Thanksgiving dinners everywhere can easily be fed to your pets and it provides them with a great source of lean protein. Before you feed the turkey to your pet, take the time to remove any excess fat or skin, as well as any bones that may still be present. Stick to the white meat and your pet will be able to enjoy a delicious slice of turkey with zero complications.

Mashed Potatoes

This vegetable serves two purposes, as it allows your pet to eat alongside their owner and is also very filling. It is important to note that while potatoes by themselves are perfectly okay to feed to your pet, you will need to pay attention to the added ingredients. If the potatoes contain cheese, butter, onions, sour cream or gravy, this makes them a no go.

Cranberry Sauce

While your pet may or may not be all that into the idea of cranberry sauce, the more adventurous ones in the bunch may want to give it a try. If you decide to allow your animal to indulge in cranberry sauce, be forewarned: it contains high amount of sugar, so keep the amount that you decide to give them to an absolute minimum.

Macaroni and Cheese

Before giving your pet macaroni and cheese, you’ll want to do some sort of test run to make sure that they are able to handle diary. If you are uncertain about their ability to do so, it is best if you stick to plain macaroni. For example, an older cat may develop lactose intolerance that they did not possess at an earlier stage of their life.

Green Beans

Fresh vegetables are a valuable addition to any diet and plain green beans are a great Thanksgiving food to share with your pets. However, don’t make the mistake of serving green beans to your animal in the form of a casserole, as it could contain other ingredients that are harmful to their health.

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