Copper and Daisy have been here many times and are currently visiting while we are at the beach. These guys love on them as much as I do at home and actually give them a whole lot more exercise and the dogs love it! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants their babies pampered and loved while away from them.
Copper & Daisy

Our tails are wagging and your pets are bragging at The Uptown Hound!

Welcome to The Uptown Hound in Cleveland Tennessee a long term pet boarding and doggy day care facility that loves dogs! Here at The Uptown Hound, we provide the best care for your loved one while you are away. Our philosophy is, dogs are happier when they can just be dogs! At The Uptown Hound, we DO NOT believe in crates. Each of our guests is provided a climate-controlled suite where they will have 25 square feet “to put their paws up”.  We even have special flooring that heats up and cools down depending on the temperature. This feature, along with our dream pipe bedding is sure to make your loved one feel right at home.

activitiesLeisure Time in Paradise – Tail Waggin’ Activities full of adventure and fun!

Our facility is located on 50 spacious gorgeous acres allowing your fur-baby to enjoy things like:

• Swimming at Hound Lake,
• Hiking on Prairie Dog Trails,
• or Wading in Little Canine Creek.

These are just a few of many activities your loved one can enjoy while vacationing at The Uptown Hound! Check it out here!



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